Frequently Asked Questions

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To retrieve login information associated with multiple registrations using the same email address, you have to specify a username along with the email address.

If you do not remember the usernames, please email to

Can we offer the competition at a private center?

With a very few, rare exceptions, we have decided not to involve private organizations with the competition due to potential conflicts of interest and business advantages which may arise.

Can we offer the competition at a school?

Although the competition is usually offered through universities, there is no restriction for schools to offer Math Kangaroo provided that they are willing to hold the competition on Sunday and there is no other regional centre in close proximity which could accommodate their students.

Changing school grade

Contestants' school grade can only be changed if the requested school grade is higher than the actual school grade in mathematics of the student.

Sometimes, students' grade is higher than it should be because of a mistake or other reason. In such cases, we verify the grade of the students by contacting their schools before changing school grades to lower.

Can a contestant write the competition on a different day?


Grade 1 participation

Problems are selected according to the cognitive abilities of an average grade 1 student; however, we acknowledge that each child is different. In addition, there is a certain degree of challenge and stress generally associated with competitions. We will try to accommodate our youngest participants as much as possible during the competition. Our volunteer supervisors will be around to support them and provide guidance, as much as the rules of the contest allow. We may not be able, however, to accommodate every student needs. In particular, there will be no reading aloud of the questions to the students. They are expected to have acquired an ability to read a simple text of 1-2 sentences on their own at the time of the competition.

We suggest that parents take these notes into consideration before registering a grade 1 participant. We leave up to their judgement to decide whether their child is ready to cope with the challenge and still enjoy the experience.

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