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Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

About Us

Who we are and what is our cause

The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest (CMKC) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization which aims to spread the joy of mathematics. The CMKC Corporation is administered by mathematicians and teachers of mathematics who cooperate with other professionals in order to provide an atmosphere and conditions suitable for motivating students to learn. We love mathematics and share our passion for the wonderful cause of creating a better future with better education for children.

Programs and activities

Why should one choose Math Kangaroo contest and CMKC math enrichment educational programs?

The contest problems are provocative, require great deal of attention and creative thinking, and cover interesting mathematical concepts. They aim to show the beauty of mathematics and, thus, increase the appreciation of mathematics. We believe many children are not challenged enough in the school system. This is why we offer mathematics enrichment programs accessible to all children. Even challenging mathematics can be taught in interesting and fun way!

We encourage academic excellence in mathematics through awarding Canadian students who compete in the CMKC contest.

Interested in joining?

Our main goal is to inspire youngsters to understand and learn mathematics. It is achievable because we have highly qualified professionals supporting the CMKC cause, exceptional instructors, dedicated staff, and great volunteers from all parts of the society!

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest national coordinators (as of November 2018)

Chair Rossitza Marinova
Vice-Chair and Secretary Tzvetalin Vassilev
Treasurer Kalpdrum Passi
Director at Large Gautam Srivastava
Director at Large Josey Petterson
Executive Director Ildiko Pelczer
Administrative Assistant Agnes Fung

If you need to contact the coordinator of your site, please find the information on the Locations page.

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