NOTE: The only training activities controlled and organized by the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest are the ones advertised through our website, our Facebook page, or our mailing list.

Until now these training activities have included those conducted at math clubs/circles as well as on-campus and online training sessions.

Although we encourage educators from public or private schools or tutoring centres to use our publicly available materials in their learning activities, there are NO schools or educational institution in Canada (except for the ones hosting the regional centres) that are authorized by us to provide training on our behalf.

The Canadian Math Kangaroo contest has no control over the quality and the rigour of the activities of such institutions.

Online Math Kangaroo Enrichment classes (Fall 2017)

Our online classes are live and interactive and are open to anyone who would like to improve their math and problem-solving skills. Although the levels are designed for the respective grades, advanced and experienced students may enrol in an upper level class. Those who are new to our classes can choose to attend a lower level.

French online classes: We are offering two online math enrichment classes in French for students in levels 3-4 and 5-6. Each class consists of five lessons. Register now as the French class for grades 3-4 starts on November 6, 2017; for grades 5-6 on November 9, 2017.

English online classes: Our online classes in English will start in December. We will offer levels 3B-7B, followed by levels 2C-7C, each class consisting of five lessons. The classes in English will start in December. Registration will be opened on November 1, 2017.

Interested in joining us? Please login to your account and subscribe. The cost is $75 and cover all five lessons.

For details on the fall classes, please check the Calendar page.

New Math Kangaroo Centres

The Canadian Math Kangaroo competition will be available in the following new locations in 2018:
- Fredericton NB (University of New Brunswick);
- Oshawa ON (Trent University);
- Hamilton ON (McMaster University).

Request for Proposals (Web Development)

The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest is soliciting proposals for consultancy and implementation of projects associated with the functionality of the contest's registration and user management system, as well as with proposed improvements of the design of the website.

The following projects are considered:
- Development of functionality for group accounts allowing multiple registrations;
- Other developmental tasks.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these exciting opportunities, please email (including your resume and a brief statement of interest) us at

Only applications from candidates who are legally entitled to work in Canada will be considered.